ELEKTROMONTER-JAWORZNO Sp. z o.o. has experience in implementing projects in industry, public buildings, office buildings, construction and energy..


  • transformer stations,
  • exterior and interior lighting,
  • lighting emergency and safety,
  • the power of technology,
  • lightning protection, grounding,
  • periodic attempts and operating measurements,
  • passive fire protection,
  • drilling technology,
  • service and maintenance of electrical installations in existing buildings.

At the moment, we realize folowing projects:

  • installation of electrical B4B house E, F in Krakow on behalf of the company MERCURY Engineering Poland Sp. o.o.
  • installation of electrical Vistula Business Garden ordered by Elektromax
  • execution of assembly work Equinix Frankfurt on behalf of the company MERCURY Engineering Poland Sp. o.o.
All our services are carried out in accordance with the principles of environmental protection and health and safety rules.

Our employees have the expertise and authority necessary to carry out the projects with the principles of Occupational Safety and Health, and are obliged to follow the instructions above.

All our devices and technical equipment have certificates and safety certificates.

We provide our own scissor lifts and scaffolding.